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Steve Gee
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Cirrostratus is a lightweight, java based, swing driven SalesForce/Database.com SOQL Editor. Presently it is pretty much "just works". I am hoping to start adding the feature rich toolkits in the upcoming months.
Enjoy the tool, report any issues or bugs and always remember to promote your Open Source community.

To build, use 'clean assembly:assembly'
to execute, run: java -jar target/cirrostratus.jar
or just double click the jar file

Release 2.0
Added multiple credential storage
added object level comparison between 2 Orgs
Additional updates and features

Release 1.7.1
Changed the connection process from using the Enterprise WSDL to using the Partner WSDL.
This now works with every environment, however, you must select (under the File menu) if
the target Org is Prod or Sandbox
Release 1.7
Fixed an exception bug when credentials.dat was not found
added a new error messaging hook for reporting exceptions to the user
added validation for username, password and token upon login
locked the 'File' menu until after successful login
added File / SOQL Save, File / SOQL Load and renamed File / Save to File / Save Results
Added the stub to track SOQL query times and # of results
SOQL pane now accepts focus upon successful login
Version now displayed in the about dialog

Release 1.6.1
Cosmetic release only
Added a logging dialog (not yet active)
Added About Dialog
Changed the SOQL panel to now use a JSplitPanel

Release 1.6
Added the ability for parent->child queries (user optional)
SELECT Name, (SELECT Contact.FirstName, Contact.LastName FROM Account.Contacts) FROM Account
SELECT Name, Owner.Name, Owner.Id , CreatedBy.Name, (SELECT Contact.FirstName, Contact.LastName FROM Account.Contacts) FROM Account
Added CSV exporter as save button

Release 1.5
Added the ability to select embedded objects (user optional)
Examples are:
SELECT Id, Name, Account.Name FROM Contact
SELECT Id, Name, Account.Name, Owner.Name FROM Opportunity

Release 1.4
Added Dialog windows for login and object retrieval (cosmetic only)


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