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Logisim 2.6.1 adds German, enhances libraries

Logisim, a graphical design and simulation tool for logic circuits, is now at version 2.6.1. The biggest feature in this release is a new German translation composed by Uwe Zimmerman of Uppsala University. The release also repairs some minor bugs in the recently released 2.6.0.

Besides the German translation, the release includes several minor enhancements to the library components. In the Gates library, you can now associate a label with any gate added into the circuit. In the Arithmetic library, a new Bit Finder component has been added, and all existing components have been enhanced so that a tool tip will be displayed when the mouse hovers over an input or output. In the I/O library, several components provide more color configuration options.

Educational institutions around the world use Logisim as an aid to teaching about digital logic and computer architecture. As a Java application, Logisim can run on most major operating systems. Read more about Logisim at http://www.cburch.com/logisim/, and download it from SourceForge.net at http://sourceforge.net/projects/circuit/.

Posted by Carl Burch 2010-10-04