#87 Test Vectors

Peter Tseng

The course named CS 3410 (Computer System Organization and Programming) at Cornell University uses Logisim.

We developed a "test vector" functionality that allows the user to specify a test file with input and output values for pins. Logisim sets the input pins to the values specified and checks that the output values match the expected values.

I am attaching a set of patches that apply to SVN revision 246 of the Logisim repository (this corresponds to Bazaar revision 233, or tag 2.7.1). You can check out this functionality in "Simulate->Test Vector...". The format of a test vector file matches that of a log file created by Logisim.

There are a few limitations of this functionality:
1. It only works for combinational logic, not sequential.
2. It completely fails to work if any Probe component is present in the circuit being tested, or any subcircuit thereof.

I tried my best to fix the second problem, but I could not. Any advice on how to do so would be greatly appreciated. And if you should deem it suitable, it would be great to see this functionality upstream.


  • Peter Tseng
    Peter Tseng

    Patches against 2.7.1 source for test vectors