#10 Graphically compose new parts

Carl Burch

It would be great if new logic blocks could be graphically build out of existing blocks.
I am used to "Digital Works", where this can be done easily.


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    It would be really nice especially for projects with kids.
    For example I would like to be able to build as a sub circuit 7-segment display with built-in decoder and toggle button.

    Marking sub circuits with text would be great as well.

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    I really appreciated this kind of software. It helps...

    Can you add a 3 input AND/OR gates? and 4 input too?
    Also the 7 segment display? with basic drivers 74LS47 and 48?

    This makes similar circuits to be simplified...

    Kind regards,
    ComE Student

  • Carl Burch
    Carl Burch

    The basic idea here was (finally) addressed in version 2.6.0, which was released yesterday. However, it still doesn't yet have the ability to place components from the layout within the subcircuit appearance.