Export circuits to another format

  • Roberto R. O.
    Roberto R. O.

    Hello, would it be possible to export circuits to another format?

    In my university, we have started using Logisim this course and we just love it, so I am considering to go a little further.

    I have implemented the MIPS processor (just like in the Hennessy-Patterson books) using both Xilinx ISE (schematic view) and Logisim.

    With Logisim was far much easier. I am thinking of extending the labs in the following way:

    - Implement and simulate a customized micro-processor using Logisim
    - See the design running onto an FPGA development board

    Therefore, I need a way to translate the Logisim circuits to some kind of "standard" format. I know that I cannot translate everything so, I should apply to restrictions about the elements that may be in the circuits.

    A first try could consist of translating the Logisim files to another format using a script.

    Any idea about this?