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  • Liang Cheng
    Liang Cheng

    Hi, there! I come from China. I tried CircleDock and i enjoyed it very much. It is really good, you guys have done nice work! There i want to give some suggestions:

    1. Can you make CircleDock just like embeded into desktop? I config it as always on top, that it will on top of other application programs. Will it be made as other desktop links?
    2. Sometimes CircleDock will be visible by itself although i didn't press any key. I think this is a bug?
    3. Is icons added on CircleDock cached? When there are 8 or more icons, it will take a long time to display(Intel Duo, 1G).

    OK, these are my reports. Thank you again! Nice work! Wish next version! By the way, i am not familiar will C# or other .net language, i gave these just as an end user.