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Cisco IP Telephony Services / News: Recent posts

Trans Pat. bulk Import V1.2!!!

Today I released a new version of the Translation pattern bulk import tool. It is prety much wide open now and supports any to any translations in the template. I also bumpped up the timmer in between page refreshes to 7 secconds. I realize not all Callmanagers run at the same speed.

The Template was revised and I made a few minor corrections in the program code as well to allow the any to any translations.... read more

Posted by Thomas C. Taylor 2007-01-04

News Update - 10/3/06

I have finally had a chance to get all of this stuff up and running on Windows. Previously I had only confirmed Linux support. I can attest that it all works great in Windows. My windows setup is WAMP and ActiveState perl Version 5.6.

I found a unique bug in some if not all of my scripts. Apparently Cisco's buffer, on the 79xx series phones, for the "prompt" text area is only a max of 32 characters. Some of you using the weather script may have noticed this when pulling weather info. and getting HTTP 500 errors. I have a fix for all the scripts and am currently re-writing them. I realized there is no reason to have 2 seprate scripts when I can cram the input and output all into one.... read more

Posted by Thomas C. Taylor 2006-10-04

Extenstion Mobility Login Portal 1.0 Released!

Check out the newest addition! It's a web based interface to extensin mobility. It shows the login status of extension mobility enabled phones and allows users to select their own phone and not have to type credentials in on the cisco phone pad. Be nice to your users and check it out.

Posted by Thomas C. Taylor 2006-06-01

What's My IP v1.0 IP Service Released!

Today marks the initial release of "What's My IP?". A simple and practicle cgi script, that can be subscribed to, that can easily allow anyone to find out the IP of their phone. This is almost an essential for trouble shooting or if you want to deploy the Open PC-2-Phone Dialer.

There are many ways to get the IP of a phone, but this is by far the easiest for the average person to do. It's a must for admins if, like me, you have 20 phones sitting on your desk and even more reasons to forget their IP addresses.

Posted by Thomas C. Taylor 2006-04-20

Tons of Great News!!!!!!

I recently recieved an email from someone, who will remain anonymous for the time being, who wishes to donate a very large amount of code. I am in the process of working out the logistics, but if everything goes well, and from what he tells me, this project will be getting a very large boost.

I think my dream of this project comming to life may finaly be realized very soon!

Thank you Mr. Anonymous!!!
(Don't worry He'll get more than his fair share of credit when the time is appropriate)

Posted by Thomas C. Taylor 2006-04-14

Open PC-2-Phone Dialer Released!

Today marked the alpha release of Open PC-2-Phone dialer. This too is a web-enabled backend that allows anyone to copy and paste numbers from a desktop PC straight to their phone. Many more clients are sure to popup.

The client provided is very simple and is basicly a proof of concept. This is not really mean to be a replacement for Cisco's integrated Webdialer, but rather an alternate means. Because the Open Dialer is web based, it can run independant of CallManager and work with jsut about any OS and have easy integration. ... read more

Posted by Thomas C. Taylor 2006-04-14

Exciting News!

Welcome to Cisco IP Telephony Services! This project will be growing with each day. This project will house many simple to use and install plug/play Linux friendly IP services. Some of the services here have been done before, but none are as well documented or have been coded for ease of use and portability.

Some of the things here will be released under GPL and some will be released as public domain. I make little to no claim on most of the code here. I am simply trying to make a central place for people to come and share CGI/PHP based applications for Cisco phones.... read more

Posted by Thomas C. Taylor 2006-03-27