#128 MacCinePaint 0.24 very slow on Mac OS 10.6

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Dear all,

I tried MacCinepaint 0.24 on my iMac 20” DualCore 2.66 GHz 2 GB RAM, Mac OS 10.6.1, looking for a 16 bit photo editor for large 48 bit images. Although MacCinepaint seems to have all the features I am looking for, at present MacCinePaint is barely usable for that purpose, because it is unbelievably slow. Loading (from hard disk) or rotating an 80 MB 48 bit tiff takes forever, while the CPU usage (as reported by top as well as ActivityMonitor) is below 10 %. I also checked that the involved unix processes (tiff and rotate) are Intel native (but not Intel64) have nice level 0. Of course, nothing else was using a significant amount of CPU time, either. Could this be an Intel vs Intel64 issue?

Apart from this, I noted some minor user interface problems.

- at startup, the tool windows are a bit cluttered - the one needed to open files is halfways hidden behind something else. As a consequence, some people (used to look for a File menu in the main menu bar instead of a tool window) might miss the right starting point altogether and give up.

- open file dialog starts in root directory, I would have expected the user home directory

- it would be nice if the start directory could at least be set in the prefs

- the pre-defined path for the user ColorSync profiles is wrong - it contains a fixed user name (changing it to ~/Library/Application Support/... seems to work just fine!)

- the open file dialog does not display UTF-8 file names correctly (two garbled chars instead of one correct one)

I would love to look further into CinePaint once the speed issue has been resolved. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance tracking down this bug.


Burkhard Höfling.


  • bkh

    Addendum: same behaviour with Mac OS 10.6.1, 10.5.8.