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No more open source releases

Just in case anyone actually wonders why no updates, I just wanted to announce that CIDLib will not be released as an open source product anymore. This was done for two reasons.

On the one hand, few people seem to care. After 10 years of effort, I've gotten no more than a handful of inquiries. The massive effort relative to the use it seems to be getting just doesn't make it worth it.

On the other hand, since the last open source release it has had many new additions and has just become too powerful a tool for me not to use for my own commercial interests.... read more

Posted by Dean Roddey 2000-12-14

Help Needed: Linux developer for C++ Frameworks

The CIDLib C++ Frameworks project desparately needs someone to help out with the Linux platform driver support (or any other stuff you might want to contribute.) The developer who has been working on this so far has become too busy to keep it up. I have lots of new code ready for a 1.2.0 release, and don't want to have to drop Linux support. But if I can't find someone soon to help out, I'll have to do so.... read more

Posted by Dean Roddey 2000-08-10

New code posts

A good bit of new code has been posted to the CVS repository since the 1.1.0 release. So feel free to play with it and give me some feedback.

In particular, additions to the network support and the new core XML parser services are in place now.

Will is working to update the Linux driver and get that code integrated into the CVS repository so it won't have to be added as a patch anymore.

Posted by Dean Roddey 2000-04-25

CIDLib C++ Frameworks site is now up!

The CIDLib C++ Frameworks site is now up on Source Forge. You are invited to drop by and read about CIDLib at:

CIDLib is a comprehensive and portable C++ development framework. It currently has approximately 350 classes. Since it does not yet have a GUI subsystem, it is primarily oriented towards the backend. It is currently available for NT 4.0 and Visual C++ and Linux and Kai C++.... read more

Posted by Dean Roddey 2000-02-12