Online Configuration of display tile

  • William Wong
    William Wong

    Hi all,

    How may update the configuration of wireGL while my OpenGL code still running ?? Is it possible to reload a configuration file after initialization ?

    I have now a working display tile using wireGL running on win2000. I want to add/remove or reallocate the displays while the program cannot be quited at that moment. I think the change only depends on the mural dimension of the bounding boxes. Is it possible to build such a system with the current implementation of wireGL ?

    Thanks so much.



    • Anonymous


      Have you solved your problem? I am facing the same problem now when using Chromium. Instead of restart Chromium, I want it adjust itself according to the modified configuration file immediately when it is still running. If anybody has any idea, please tell me.

      Thank you very much!

      Jiayu Tang

    • Chris T
      Chris T

      Ditto same thing here, has anyone solved this?
      trying to dynamically update the frustum view parameters for stereo viewing. e.g. altering 'eye separation' while chromium is running.