PHP Choral Music Library / News: Recent posts

Version 1.5 released today!

A new version of ChoralMusicLib is available. It is now PHP4.4 compatible, has support for multiple languages and supports one central css file. Please try it out!

Posted by Maurits Lamers 2006-09-18

PHP Choral Library restarted

PHP Choral Library deserves a new chance, so the project and development on it is restarted.
First targets are bringing the PHP code up to PHP 4 and include support for multiple languages.

Posted by Maurits Lamers 2006-08-22

Initial Posting

I am in the process of generalizing the PHP scripts for the National Library of Men's Choral Music that are being written for the Washington Men's Camerata ( so that they will be easily useable by anyone who wants to keep track of a library of choral sheet music online.

This will be the main working copy of the source.

Posted by Alan Munter 2003-03-07