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#19 CHM Generates fine, but Search function won't work.

v1.0 (example)

I have attempted on multiple occasions and on different computers to generate a CHM from a word file. The conversion succeeds with a proper TOC and Index, however the Search feature won't work.

The MSDN HTML/CHM toolkit is installed and another tool I'm using produces a working Search. ITCC.DLL is correctly registered.

I'm using Windows 7, 64 bit edition, SP1. System has 16GB of Ram and is an Intel i7.


  • Here's a better description of the problem.
    1) Generate CHM from DOC file.
    2) Click the SEARCH tab in the CHM window.
    3) Type in a keyword to find.
    4) Click LIST TOPICS
    5) A small dialog window briefly flashes, with no visible error message.
    6) No topics are displayed in the topic list.

  • It happens with any word document? If not, can you give me a word example where this happens?
    If it happens with any word document: The CHM compilation is done by the MS HTML help workshop. chmProcessor generates the chm help project, and executes the command line to compile it. Try to generate the help project instead of compile, open it, check if there is something wrong, and try to compile it from the help workshop UI.

  • Markus KARG
    Markus KARG

    I have a .doc file that also produces a working CHM but not functional search. Unfortunately it is a closed-source document. If you post me your email address, I will provide the file directory to your hands so you can see what the bug is caused by.

  • Email sent.

  • Markus KARG
    Markus KARG

    Sent doc to the address you provided to me. I hope it is useful for tracking down this problem and look forward to a fixed version of chmProcessor! :-)

  • Reply to you Markus, but I suspect is no the same problem that has Eduardo. Ill keep this open.