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#30 Convert to PDF!


Could you please, please add a convert CHM to PDF feature? Chmox is a lifesaver for CHM's, but I really prefer PDFs.



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    Actually you can already do this... kind of... if you do File -> Print, you can create a PDF by the usual Mac "Print to PDF" option.

    Unfortunately, it only does the current page. So what we really need is a way to print out all the pages sequentially.

  • Camillo Bruni
    Camillo Bruni

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    I've added a stupid patch, which creates pdf of each file. But they're not page-sized. so ther much of useless... but this could be used to add further improvements. have a look at the search patch, submitted by me (dh82)

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    I support Karen's request. I tried printing to PDF, which works but it only appears to work on one section or chapter at a time. To get an entire book you would have many files, and merging them into one convenient file is problematic. It would be a great feature and might bring you a larger audience. Could be marketed as a conversion tool for the iPod and iPhone. Thank you.

  • Or just a print command that works!!


    ps great app