#35 Cannot scroll down long pages.

version 0.3
Garett Bass

When I view long pages, e.g. CRenderStateManager, I cannot scroll all the way to the bottom of the page using the scroll bar, scroll wheel, or track pad. I can scroll down by repeatedly clicking the scroll down button, but this is tedious and slow.

Once I've used the scroll down button to scroll to the bottom of a page, the scroll bar resizes appropriately and I can then use the scroll bar, but selecting a different page resets the scroll bar such that it is unusable again.

This problem occurs in both versions 0.3 and 0.4. This should be just a simple bug in the scroll bar calculation you are making, but it severely limits the usability of the application. Otherwise the application is great; keep up the good work.

I downloaded Chmox to browse the EaseWrapperSDK CHM documentation. The CHM is too large to attach here, but can be found within the following zip:



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    Version 0.4ß (0.4ß)

    Assuming you meant 'EaseWrapper.chm' (432kB); this worked for me. I could read and scroll down the 'Index' action, and the 'CRenderStateManager' page.