#12 drawer should retain keyboard focus for navigation

version 0.3
Thomas Lunde

When I open a document and then open the drawer, I expected to be
able to navigate the document by clicking on an item in the drawer
(a heading, for example) and then using my up and down arrow keys
to move from heading to heading (which, of course, would cause the
content in the main window to be redrawn). This does not work.

Opening PDFs and other files in Preview.app allows this navigational
method, which was why I expected to be able to do it in Chmox.

At present, when I click on a heading in the drawer, it turns bold
(blue) and then immediately goes to gray (as the content is being
redrawn in the main window?). It should stay blue and allow for
keyboard input until I click the mouse in the main window (or,
perhaps, use the TAB key to alternate between the drawer and the
main content area?).

(PS The "group" drop down in this bug reporter needs to be told
about version 0.3, which is what I'm using. Right now, it shows
choices of None, 0.1 and 0.2.)

(BTW: yours is a _beautiful_ program. I've been using xchm and
just heard about this one: this is _so_ much easier on the eyes.


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    Keyboard is not really mature in Chmox. Your feedback will be taken into

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