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Chloe - the digital goddess / News: Recent posts

Chloe version alpha 0.2 released

This is the second release of Chloe. It's a bit better off than
version 0.1, but it's still very alpha. So treat her nice.
Included in the package is a mem-file converter, which you can
use to transform your previous mems from version 0.1.
I've also included the English language mem-file released in
Chloe.0.1.memfiles.I with this relase, in 0.2 format of course.
It's named chloe.mem by default, and there's a blank mem file
as well for those who prefer to teach her from scratch. The
main program has become somewhat English oriented with the new
implementations, but I plan to change that once I manage to
get a more or less satisfactory source.

Posted by Baris Umut 2002-10-11

call for mem-files and dialogue excerpts

Everything you teach Chloe are stored in mem-files. So if your Chloe knows some unique ways to respond to things, it would be appreciated if you email your mem file to me so that I can merge it with future official mem-file releases. Mem-files dealing with languages other than English and special area knowledge are especially welcome.

I'm also interested in excerpts of the dialogues you made with Chloe. These will be included on the web site when it's finally open, and also be used as basis of future improvements.... read more

Posted by Baris Umut 2002-10-06

sample mem file for Chloe 0.1

A mem file release has been added to the system. This includes a simple English language file with over 80 simple lines for quick-starting Chloe in this language. Also a blank mem file is included in case you wish to restart Chloe from scratch.

Posted by Baris Umut 2002-10-06

Chloe version alpha 0.1 released

This is the first release of the Chloe project. Currently available in two formats (Python source/windows exe).

This release contains the very primitive version of the chatterbot engine. It has no built-in knowledge, and must be taught to speak from scratch.

I'm working on a functional data file that will enable basic speech in English.

Posted by Baris Umut 2002-10-02