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CHITTIC / News: Recent posts

0.6.0rc1 released

We released first release candidate of 0.6.0.

Look on our project website http://chittic.heesch-it.de for details.

Posted by Carsten Heesch 2003-04-03

Skipping Version 0.5.0b

We decided to skip version 0.5.0b, because we want to implement *many* more features.
As we are still working on the new features, we are not able to promise a special release date.

Hang on. You won't regret.

(sorry for my terrible english. hope, you understand what I wanted to say *g*)

Posted by Carsten Heesch 2003-03-24

New Version: 0.5.0b

We are now in pre-release state of version 0.5.0b

These are the major changes:

+ added addressbook
+ added private messaging

Minor changes and bugfixes include:

+ enhanced date-information (weekdays)
+ replacing client's email with his name, if known
+ fix in date extraction from mails
+ fix in displaying hyperlinks in emails

...and more.

Version 0.5.0b will be released soon.

Moreover, we are working on a user's manual, which will be included as plain-text. A pdf version will be published for download, too.

Posted by Carsten Heesch 2003-03-11

0.4.6b out now!

We decided to skip the announced version 0.4.2a of chittic and started right off with 0.4.6b, because we included some major improvements and several minor bugfixes.

With version 0.4.6b, we are reaching beta-state.

Posted by Carsten Heesch 2003-03-09

Version 0.4.2 alpha will be released soon

We will soon release version 0.4.2a of CHITTIC.

There will be some improvements and bugfixes, we covered in version 0.4.

Posted by Carsten Heesch 2003-03-07

Alpha-release out now!

We have just release CHITTIC 0.4a.
Feel free to download it and send your requests to us.

Posted by Carsten Heesch 2003-03-02

Reaching alpha-state

CHITTIC is now in alpha-state.
We will release version 0.4a in the very near future :-)

Posted by Carsten Heesch 2003-03-02

Current State: pre-alpha

CHITTIC is beeing tested and improved at present. We are heavily working on it to reach alpha (and perhaps beta) state within a few days.

Next steps of Development:

- Docs
- Installation Scripts
- Security Tests

Main outstanding features:

- Adress-Book
- Use of attachments
- Private Messages between different operators

Posted by Carsten Heesch 2003-03-01