#11 viewer system, mouse hijack fix


on my Mac when I connect to a remote system and somebody begins to use the remote system ( Windows XP in this case) my mouse will get hijacked and dragged back into the chicken window for that remote connection. This is a bit annoying consent pain the other close the window because I still have focus on the remote connection. I don't remember this happening in prior versions? when the mouse is outside the viewing window the window should be considered semi-inactive. I hope this is something that's easy to fix. thank you for updating this with much the improved fixes!


  • dustinac

    The intention was that Chicken will move the cursor in response to the remote desktop whenever the connection is the frontmost window. If this is not how it's working, then please give me more details about what the other windows are in front, what applications they're from, etc.

    It seems to me that if the user is not engaged in the connection, they'll bring another window to the front. On the other hand, whether the cursor is left inside the window or outside seems like it will be more haphazard and a less reliable indicator of the user's intention. If you'd like to change it to only move the mouse when it remains in the connection window, then convince: why does it disrupt your work if the connection window is in front anyways?