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Getting screen to sleep after VNC use


  • Anonymous

    Hi there,
    I regularly use Chicken on my machine in London. Unfortunately, to the dismay of my colleagues in the office and those who are sensitive to the idea of screen burn, after using the program the Mac no longer obeys its settings to turn off the display after 15 minutes of inactivity. So the screen will stay on all night, all weekend, etc..
    Any idea how I can get this to stop happening? I can see why the screen would not shut off while I'm logged in with VNC, but once the connection is closed I'd expect the screen to then shut off 15 minutes later.
    Many thanks!

  • dustinac

    So, the problem is with the remote computer? Then, this isn't really an issue with Chicken, it's an issue with the VNC server software (i.e. Vine Server, Apple Screen Sharing). At least with Vine Server, there's a preference "Allow display dimming" which might be of use to you.