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access to xen 4.0 vnc server: protocol error

  • Xen virtual machines use vnc to display vm screens. Chicken 2.1.1 gives protocol error _when accessing a vm.
    But there is a tightvnc viewer on called _ssvnc
    which runs on osx and works with xen 4.0 (as mentioned on; I mention it because the source is included and it might be possible to port it to Chicken. This would be useful because ssvnc from use the x11 framework opposite to Chicken which is a native osx app.

  • dustinac

    When you connect to Xen with Chicken and get "Protocol error", what messages appear in the console log? After getting the error, go to Applications->Utilities->Console, select Console Messages on the left (if necessary), and copy any messages coming from Chicken.

  • dustinac

    This is in response to bradthompson in a Chicken of the VNC forum, who reports this same bug with nothing printed to Console:

    To help further track down this bug, please try the following: In Connection Profiles > Encodings, uncheck all of the boxes except for Raw, and try connecting. Hopefully, this will allow you to connect without an error, but it will probably be too slow to be practical Then, try checking one box, reconnecting, checking the next box, and so on. The point is to identify which encoding is behind the error.

  • Brandon

    Thanks Dustin.

    Try unchecking the Hextile box under Connections->Profiles-Encoding.

    This worked for me.