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On OSX Lion, scroll bars do now show up in windowed mode.


  • dustinac

    Can you give more details. I haven't used Lion, but what I've read says that the scroll bars are supposed to be hidden until you either hover over them or scroll with the scrollbar or trackpad gesture. Chicken will always send the scroll events to the remote server, so I would guess that those won't cause the scroll bars to appear. That leaves hovering over the sides of the window. So are you therefore saying that even if you hover the mouse over the sides of the connection window, the scrollbars won't show up?

  • Robert

    So as we have Lion on board maybe there is a possibility to fix this:

    When you are in a window mode, the scroll bars don't show - this is the new feature in Lion which works fine in most things - not in Chicken sadly :( Also when you hover to the sides the bars still don't show and as for the scrolling of a window content - the trackpad doesn't work either. You can "force" them to appear but it's preety frustrating: when you resize the window the scroll bars appear and you can hover over them and use them normaly. However if you hover off, and let them fade, you cannot use them unless you try to resize the window again.

  • dustinac

    gayverone, for the details. I'm not exactly sure what is causing this, but I've added code which should be forcing the old style of always visible scroll bars in Lion, as a workaround until a real solution is found. If anyone running Lion has the inclination to compile the source from SVN and verify that the scollbars are working as I've described, please post a note here. If not, this change will be in the next release, which should be soon.

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    I'm seeing this, too. Running 2.2b1.

    The scrollbars are there initially, and they work fine, but vanish after a period of use - I think it may be after the OS has been suspended (lid closed on my macbook).

  • Meeker

    I'm seeing an issue that's probably related to this discussion (which I assume isn't resolved). On my Thunderbolt display connected to a Win7 PC running TightVNC I can see the entire Windows desktop vertically, but only about 70% horizontally (it's a dual display system). So, there's no vertical scrollbar, but there's a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom permanently. However, it is obscuring the bottom portion of the display, and I can't resize the window any bigger, or scroll it, to see the bottom. I have to make the window smaller, then I can scroll around, but I can never get the entire vertical range to display at once.
    - CotVNC 2.2b2
    - TightVNC 2.6.4
    - OS X 10.9.2

  • dustinac

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