#15 ZRLE encoding


Full error message:
ZRLE encoding: rectangle contained insufficient data

This happens every once in a while. The most frustrating thing is that it shows me everything but I can\'t use the computer - the only solution that has worked for me is to restart the linux PC. This is very painful as I use it as a virtual machine host, so this turns off abruptly the virtual machines and I have to restart all of them.

I am using release 2.2b2, before this I didn\'t have this kind of problems with cotvnc. I switched mainly because of the bug fixes with the scrolls and keyboard support (which doesn\'t work as I would like to, I still can\'t type the \'~\' symbol, so there\'s no going home from the linux terminal).

Also, every single time I try to connect to a computer I have to try at least 5 times due to \"Unknown error 6\".

Thanks for your help!


  • Anonymous

    Error message

    As a workaround for the ZRLE issue to avoid having to kill the VNC, try connecting with another client, e.g. RealVNC Viewer, and using it for a moment or 2, and then re-try Chicken.

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  • dustinac

    Thanks for the bug report. What is the VNC server software running on the Linux server?

    Second, it's not a fix, but a workaround is that you can disable ZRLE in the Encodings tab of the Connection Profiles settings. This should prevent the first class of errors, at the expense of maybe using a less efficient encoding.

    Finally, can you submit a separate bug report for your keyboard problems? Please include the VNC server you're using, your local keyboard layout, the remote keyboard layout, what keys you press and what characters are produced on the server.