help me !!!!

  • ameur bilel
    ameur bilel

    hi my name is bilel from tunisien arabic…I am student  !
    can you give me the basic commands (API1) an RTOS and understand the basic principle of operation of this type
    system. chibiOS / RT is a representative example of how an RTOS, work produced in this environment would be easily creatable with another system Operating
    why is that?
    please help me !!!!!!
    and thank you very match !!!!!

  • Hi Bilel,

    On the ChibiOS/RT web site there are various articles and guides that explain general concepts about RTOSs. You may try this one for example:

    More guides are here:

    I am not sure to understand your question fully: There are tasks that can be performed by an RTOS that can not be performed by a generic OS, that article explains some differences. ChibiOS/RT is a good example of RTOS for embedded applications, there are others of course, each one with its strengths and weaknesses.

    If you have more questions just ask but, please, be specific.


  • ameur bilel
    ameur bilel

    how to install and execute chibiOS / RT on linux (ubuntu) without using the cards
    to program a small program in chibiOS / RT ?

  • There is a Linux demo in ChibiOS/RT under ./demos/Posix-GCC

    Compile the demo using the command "make" then run the executable "ch". After running the demo telnet the local port 28001 or 28002 and you will see the ChibiOS/RT mini shell where you can give simple commands.

    After that: study the code :-)


  • ameur bilel
    ameur bilel

    in linux shell: when we execute "ch"
    Then Run the executable "path", it displays:

    bilel @ info-laptop: ~ / Bureau/ChibiOS_2.0.6/demos/Posix-GCC $. / ch

    ChibiOS / RT simulator (Linux)

    Full Duplex Channel SD1 listening on port 29001
    Full Duplex Channel SD2 listening on port 29002
    Shell service started we SD1, SD2
      - Listening for connections we SD1
      - Listening for connections we SD2

    my questions :
    is what is right?
    what is the place to program?

  • It is right. Connect to the demo using telnet on port 28001, you will see a command prompt, then type "help".

    The place to program is the demo itself, the demo is linked with the OS, when you execute "ch" you run both the application and the OS. It you modify main.c you are programming ChibiOS/RT.

    Remember, ChibiOS/RT is an embedded operating system not a standalone OS like Linux or Windows.


  • ameur bilel
    ameur bilel

    how to Connect to the demo using telnet on port 28001 ?

  • ameur bilel
    ameur bilel

    execuse me !
    I have a problem :
    when I put in shell : /ch
    it show :

    ChibiOS/RT simulator (Linux)

    SD1: Error binding socket

  • Probably because it is already running. You can run only a single "ch" at time.


  • ameur bilel
    ameur bilel

    thank you  !!!!!!!…this problem is resolved
    after I Connect to the demo using telnet on port 28001 …it show

    bilel@infos-laptop:~$ telnet 29001
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.

    ChibiOS/RT Shell

    it is the result found is the real execution of chibiOS / RT? if it is true the execution …
    when we can implement a small application on this … for example RTOS display a message

    and thank you very match

  • Sure, you can modify main.c and make it do whatever you want, as example you may add custom commands to the shell.

    Remember that it is just a simulator, you won't learn much unless you run it on some real hardware. Using a simulator you won't experience the real thing.


  • ameur bilel
    ameur bilel

    thank you for your help

    please can you give me the basic commandes  API1 of  RTOS ..for example chibiOS/RT

    again thank you very mutch !!!!!


  • ameur bilel
    ameur bilel

    please ….. can you give me the library which allows to use cputs ()… for display

    and thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It depends on what you are trying to do.

    If you want to write in the simulator console use "cputs()", note that it is a macro in main.c. If you are trying to write from a shell command then use shellPrint() or shellPrintLine().


  • ameur bilel
    ameur bilel

    ok ….. you did not understand my mini project …. I'll explain:
    my mini project is to realize a small code example that displays a message using the functions that you used in ChibiOS / RT

    the goal is to use the functions you used in ChibiOS / RT to realize a small application ……

    please help me !!!!!!! there was one month that passes and I do nothing

    please help me the maximaum possible!

    and thank you !!!!!!!!

  • In the simulator main.c add this function at the beginning:

    static void cmd_hello(BaseChannel *chp, int argc, char *argv[]) {
      shellPrintLine(chp, "Hello World!");

    Then modify the commands table this way:

    static const ShellCommand commands[] = {
      {"hello", cmd_hello},         <= ADD THIS
      {"mem", cmd_mem},
      {"threads", cmd_threads},
      {"test", cmd_test},
      {NULL, NULL}

    Now compile and run the modified simulator and type the new command "hello". You can add as many new command you want this way.

    Mission accomplished :-)