How to create driver for TFT LCD Touch screen

  • Nice board, I didn't know it.

    Drivers always have an "HAL" part, it is the interface with the applications, the LLD part is only needed if you want to make a portable driver but this may not be necessary in your case. It depends on what you are planning to do, a generic LCD driver or a driver for that specific model?
    You don't even need to put it in the HAL it could simply be part of your application.

    The touch screen driver could simply use the existing SPI driver as lower layer.

    About delays: chThdSleepMillisenconds(50), it stops the current thread for the specified number of milliseconds. For accessing the 16bits bus you may use the PAL driver.



  • Anonymous

    I have imported the STM32F103VET6 based board from China, it uses the FSMC to communicate with the LCD. The fillrate with FSMC is approximately five times higher than with the STM32F103RBT6 without FSMC (using uCOS/II demo fillrate test). I'm planning to use ChibiOS for some projects soon.

  • I am unable to read Chinese, is that board available somewhere in Europe?



  • Anonymous

    try, or buy through a taobao shopping agent. I spent a grand total of 55 euros on the STM32F103VET6-based board with JLink V8, including agent fee and shipping. Can't beat that price…

  • kgysmits

    I've created a working board and demo setup for the STM32F103VET6 version 2.1, against Chibios stable ver_2.0.7. Blinking status LED and serial test output after buttonpress.
    If anyone is interested i could commit it?
    Next step is the TFT through FSMC. Could take a while.

  • Sure, thank you.

    Post the files here on the forum and I'll commit them on the repository.


  • Ian M
    Ian M

    Hey I could use that :)