I have uploaded a chessx-1.0.0 RPM to my personal, but publicly accessible, package repository of (free open source) chess software for CentOS 6 and other RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 compatible distributions: ( i386, x86_64, src.rpm ). Bug fixes until CR#183 are included.

A separate RPM for the chess engine Stockfish 4 is also available there. Interested CentOS/RHEL 6 user can install the packages (as root) by:
yum localinstall http://www.jokasrepo.de/el6/chess/x86_64/joka-release-chess-6-1.3.el6.jk.noarch.rpm
yum install chessx stockfish
(Replace "x86_64" by "i386" in the first command if you have a 32-bit installation)

The source RPM may be interesting for other Linux package builders. I had taken the chessx.spec file from Mageia one year ago as example and starting point. Here's a direct (temporary) link to my current .spec file (Dropbox): chessx.spec


Am Mittwoch, den 30.10.2013, 20:08 +0100 schrieb Jens Nissen:
We have just published version 1.0.0 "Beetle" on the Sourceforge Website.
See the Download page for details: 

Linux Package Builders: Please note, that for version 1.0.0, the default paths for themes and other file locations have changed.
We are now using the paths that the Qt framework suggests. You might want to test if after building, databases, engines, themes and translations show up properly.

They show up properly and all is working fine for me, but mainly because these program data are linked to the binary as resources.
On Linux, path to program data is now ~/.local/share/data/chessx/chessx/data, but this folder is empty.
"My ChessX RPM" installs the program data at /usr/share/chessx (as required by Linux FHS rules), but this is not read by ChessX 1.0.