#39 DGT Spport (input engine protocol)

Alexander Wagner


Maybe you rember me from back when the project still was called newscid. ;)

Just as it might be of interest for your project: I'm currently working on a project to support the DGT Electronic Chessboard on Linux. As I chose a pretty generic approach by defining what I call "input engine protocol" (mainly an extension to the xboard/uci protocols) the inclusion in current projects is pretty easy. Additionally using the same protocol some other people could add hardware support for whatever comes along by just writing a new engine.

Maybe you would want to check it out at dgtdrv.sourceforge.net. For the hardware backend I use the dgtnix-library from dgtnix.sourceforge.net. IMHO the engine approach has the advantage though that there is no need to add library specific code into a project but that one can just do the same as with any chess engine.

As a sample application the current cvs-version already includes some 80 lines necessary to get xboard to work with the external board. If you're interested in some sort of cooperation just let me know. (You can reach me through the project page.)

Unfortunately chessx right now is still to much at the bleeding qt-edge, so I can't compile it still running debian sarge. (ok, I might upgrade to etch one day soon, and as long as it still says qt4.2 I'll be back in game ;)

Anyway, I think it would be nice for the general linux chess community to get support for the DGT board outside of wine running some windows app. So maybe you might want to check out dgtdrv. The protocol specification is on the page, and adjustments are possible if necessary.

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