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C++ Header creation utility / News: Recent posts

Moving right along

Created most of the first draft of the BNF that I will use to parse the information from the c++ source file. Following my general acceptance of my own design :) I will then specify the data types that I will need to store the header file based upon the BNF. Things are getting tough at school again, so it may be a while before the next stage.

Posted by Michael Brailsford 2002-03-23

New project language

After learning Ruby, I am scrapping the idea to do the project in C++ with flex. It would just be too time consuming. I had originally considered doing the project with Perl, but I just didn't feel comfortable not working with a OO language. Granted you can do OO programming with Perl, but it is not what I wanted. Due to Ruby's clarity and ease, expect to see some early releases of limited functionality soon.... read more

Posted by Michael Brailsford 2002-03-20

Just getting started

For the rare individual who happened to stumble across this project. HELP! :) On a more serious note, I am a seasoned Java developer making the leap to C++. I like a lot of the flexibilty that I have seen in C++, but I just have a hard time with header files. To me it makes no sense to include source code documentation in the source, ie. javadoc, doxygen, etc..., yet have to maintain two seperate files for a single class. Its a strange dichotomy. The intention of this project is to unify .cpp and .h files. Ideally I would like achieve a java-esque syntax for cpp classes, and use cheddar to generate the header file. That is way down the road, and may not be the ultimate design path that is taken. So strap on and enjoy the ride.... read more

Posted by Michael Brailsford 2002-01-22