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#63 Fix and Doc for cache file

Dave Wood

The current code requires 3 passes to make use of the
cacheFile setting (starting from scratch).

Run 1: No cache file exists. One is created during
the build with all the files that pass, but NOT with
the hash code of the configuration Run

Run 2: The cache file exists, but has no hash code, so
the settings are thrown away. Another full checkstyle
build is done and this time the files and the hash code
are written to cache.

Run 3: The cache file exists and has a hash code, so
only modified files are checked.

In this patch is a modfied PropertyCacheFile.java which
addresses this issue.
Also included in the patch is updated documentation to
make it more explicit how to use the caching property.
The config.html also has a minor fix for table widths.
In IE the tables were cut off because the had a width
of 100% but the style they were surrounded by specified
margins of 8%. This displayed fine in Firefox, but in
IE the details on of the properties were cut off.


  • Dave Wood
    Dave Wood


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    I've committed part of this patch (fix for cache file) to
    CVS for 4.0
    Unfortunately you haven't provided diffes for documentation
    and so
    I was unable to patch docs too :(
    Please file separate patch or reopen this one with diffs for