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Checkstyle Release 6.3

Release 6.3


New option to HiddenField, to skip builder methods - setterCanReturnItsClass.
New option to Checker and TreeWalker to specify file extensions.
New option to Empty Line Separator Check, for managing empty lines between class members.
New option to Indentation to avoid C style.
New option to Illegal Throws Check due to twitter custom checks.
New option to Javadoc Method Name Check - ignore method name regex.
New option to Illegal Type Check to control valiadtion baseon modifiers - memberModifiers, updated default illegal types.... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2015-02-02

Development plan for 2015, we need your feedback

please participate in 1 question survey to let our team know what we should focus on at 2015 year (no registration is required)

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2015-01-30

Checkstyle 6.2

Checkstyle Release 6.2

Bug fixes:

Serious compatibility problems with versions 5.9, 6.0 and 6.1 .
Added basenameSeparator configuration option for TranslationCheck
Added google and sun configs to jar.
Added UT for lambda expressions for InnerAssignmentCheck.
Build and install the tests jar artifact.
Final Local Variable Check, fixed false-positive - native method's param should be declared final.
Final Parameters Check, added option allows ignoring primitive types as params.
Unsatisfiable Indentation module scenario with difficult annotations.
Fixed false-positive in GenericWhitespaceCheck.
Fix InnerAssignment check for lambda expressions.
Generic Whitespace Check, fixed bug - '>' is followed by an illegal character.
InnerTypeLast within methods.
AnnotationUseStyle closingParens check failed.
RequireThis triggers when try-with-resources defines resource with same name as method.
NullPointerException with SuppressWarningsHolder and enum fields.
ParameterNumber check option to ignore methods with an @Override.
MutableException check requires class to explicitly extend some other class.
Need Braces, added option which allows one line if-statements without braces.
Redundant Modifier Check fixed bug with warning on final variables in default methods.
Redundant Modifier Check, fixed false-positive Redundant modifier final error for @SafeVarargs method.
Summary Javadoc Check, added 'specify period' option.
Suppress Warnings Check, annotation param in constant.... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2014-12-28

Checkstyle Release 6.1.1

Checkstyle Release 6.1.1

Bug fixes:

Generics in postfix expression before method referencec can be parsed now.
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if Indentation and FileContentsFolder are enabled.
Create ParseErrorMessage if error message is null during Javadoc parsing.
Added $ to all identifier definitions at javadoc grammar.
Fixed NumberFormatException while logging in AbstractJavadocCheck.
Indentation check fails for switch statements.
"-v" CLI flag for querying the installed Checkstyle version.... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2014-11-27

Checkstyle Release 6.1

Checkstyle Release 6.1

Bug fixes:

Multidimensional arrays can be parsed now.
Huge performance optimization for JavaDoc parsing. In scope of issue #49. Caching DetailNode trees in AbstractJavadocCheck .
"FileContents.getLines()" performance fix.
Fix for MultiMap empty collections garbage.
Preformance fix for RegexpCheck.
Removing unnecessary char[] copying to reduce GC-pressure.
Using BitSet for indent levels for performance.
Various documentation/spelling issues with AnnotationLocationCheck.... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2014-11-14

Checkstyle Release 6.0

Checkstyle Release 6.0

New features that extend API:
Support of single-line and block comments in parse tree. ANTLR4 grammar for parsing Javadoc comments.

New features:
Update for existing JavadocMethodCheck to satisfy Google's style requirements. ... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2014-10-23

Checkstyle Release 5.9

Release 5.9 -


New features:
Support of Java8 syntax. Author: Ilja Dubinin. #10

Bug fixes:
Enourmous update on Indentation Check. Author: Max Vetrenko. #294
Fixed IllegalInstantiationCheck, so it won't recognize a constructor reference (Java8) as instantiation. Author: Ryszard Wisniewski.
Since Java 8 we can have methods body in interfaces. Author: Ilja Dubinin. #282
Default modifier has been added to modifier list. Author: Ilja Dubinin. #284
Fixed bug in DefaultComesLast check. Now it supports java 8 default methods. Author: Ilja Dubinin. #297
Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException in CustomImportOrderCheck. Author: Max Vetrenko. #296... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2014-10-17

Sevntu Checkstyle release 1.12.0

Sevntu Checkstyle release 1.12.0
New release of project Sevntu.Checkstyle 1.11.0 - our "experimental Checks pool" .

New checks:

Updates in:


Posted by Roman Ivanov 2014-10-15

Checkstyle Release 5.8


Release 5.8 -


Thanks to all participants.

Sorry for huge delay in release, in future releases will be more frequent.

Roman Ivanov

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2014-10-08

Sevntu.Checkstyle 1.11.0

New release of project Sevntu.Checkstyle 1.11.0 - our "experimental Checks pool" .

new Check - EnumValues
new Check - MapIterationInForLoop
new Check - ForbidThrowAnonymousException
new Check - FinalizeImplementation
serious update for CustomDeclarationOrder with new macroses.


Posted by Roman Ivanov 2014-05-13

Please vote

1 question survey, without registration -

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2014-02-09

Release 5.7 is out

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2014-02-05

Release 5.6 is out

Posted by Oliver Burn 2012-09-18

Release 5.5 is out

Posted by Oliver Burn 2011-11-05

Release 5.4 is out

Posted by Oliver Burn 2011-07-15

Release 5.3 is out

Posted by Oliver Burn 2010-10-19

Release 5.2 is out

Posted by Oliver Burn 2010-09-25

Release 5.1 is out

Posted by Oliver Burn 2010-02-16

Release 5.0 is out

Posted by Oliver Burn 2009-04-18

Release 4.4 is out

Posted by Oliver Burn 2007-12-19

Release 4.3 is out

The 'Australia Day' release is out. See for details.

Posted by Oliver Burn 2007-01-26

Release 4.2 is out

Posted by Oliver Burn 2006-07-10

Release 4.1 is out

Posted by Oliver Burn 2005-12-19

Release 4.0 is out

Posted by Oliver Burn 2005-11-30

Release 4.0 beta 6 is out

Posted by Oliver Burn 2005-09-15