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#296 InnerAssignment for if, while and do

Daniel Grenner

The InnerAssignment check should preferably check for
assignment of boolean values in the expression clause of
if, while and do.

An example is:
if (a = true) {...}

which should be marked as a problem, since the
developer probably wanted to do:
if (a == true) {...}

(which still is not good coding practice, but it is not as
dangerous as the first case)

Assignment to boolean literals should always be marked
as a problem, and I think the same should be true if the
assignment is done between variables. This is since it
would be difficult / confusing to read the code if both
sides are variables, e.g. with:
if (a = b).

Any comments? I wonder if it should be a modification to
the InnerAssignment check, or if it should be
implemented as a separate check, since the other
InnerAssignment checks are not concerned with the
type information. The check must not give false
positives for statements like:
while (i++ < x)...
where assignments to non-booleans are done inside the
evaluated statement.

I can do the implementation if there is an interest in this

/Daniel Grenner.


  • Lars Kühne
    Lars Kühne

    Logged In: YES

    I don't really understand why type information is necessary
    or why the check should be limited to assignment between
    literals/variables. Consider the following sample code, I
    think it should be marked as well:

    if (myCurrentState = obj.someFunkyState())
    // code that should only be executed if both states are equal

    My feeling is that this RFE can be implemented as a
    modification to the InnerAssignment check. A patch would be
    most welcome.