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contrib 2003-12-05 o_sukhodolsky o_sukhodolsky [86ec8e] Fix for 791245 (checkstyle-frames.xsl cannot ha...
docs 2003-12-16 lkuehne lkuehne [23ebbb] close "patch" #841087
lib 2003-10-08 oburn oburn [3cfdd5] Upgraded to jakarta-regexp-1.3.
src 2003-12-20 lkuehne lkuehne [278198] javadoc improvements
.cvsignore 2003-06-01 oburn oburn [454dd2] cleanup
LICENSE unknown
LICENSE.apache unknown
README 2003-01-18 lkuehne lkuehne [b5727f] added license info for new dependencies
RIGHTS.antlr unknown
TODO unknown
build.xml 2003-12-05 o_sukhodolsky o_sukhodolsky [6e2089] Fixed 852397 (checkstyle frames lacks summary l...
prj.el 2003-03-01 lkuehne lkuehne [9e2332] make sure that offset settings are correct for ...

Read Me


This directory contains the distribution for checkstyle. It is a tool for
checking Java source code for adherence to a set of rules.

The latest version can be found at

Documentation is available in HTML format, in the docs/ directory.


This software is licensed under the terms in the file named "LICENSE" in this

The software uses the ANTLR package ( Its license terms
are in the file named "RIGHTS.antlr" in this directory.

The software uses the Jakarta Regexp package
( and several packages from the
Jakarta Commons project (
The license terms of these packages are in the file named
"LICENSE.apache" in this directory.


Please send any feedback to

Bugs should be reported to the checkstyle bugtracker at

Thanks for trying out checkstyle!

Oliver Burn