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Code Log

Commit Date  
[e4b66e] (defaulttip) by Oliver Burn Oliver Burn

Make the tests pass

Fix Checkstyle errors

2013-08-30 06:32:31 Tree
2013-08-30 06:06:00 Tree
[890c80] by tnarake

#241 Allow HeaderCheck definition to be specified as URL

2013-07-18 12:58:24 Tree
[06f4bd] by tnarake

#240 Allow additional URL schemes for SuppressionFilter configuration loading.

2013-07-18 10:33:53 Tree
[367e0f] by Dmitriy Komanov Dmitriy Komanov

Support for '&' in nested generics

2013-08-17 18:09:48 Tree
[86f950] by Oliver Burn

performance improvement

2013-07-12 03:51:43 Tree
[3959fb] by Oliver Burn

Add to the release notes.

2013-06-17 11:45:20 Tree
[577079] by Oliver Burn

Tweaking the documentation

2013-06-17 11:39:30 Tree
[d2e39c] by Oliver Burn

IGnore emacs TAGS files

2013-06-17 11:04:21 Tree
[551872] by Oliver Burn

Apply patch# #156 Check suppression with @SuppressWarnings

2013-06-12 11:28:08 Tree
[385fb0] by Oliver Burn


2013-06-12 10:54:44 Tree
[531296] by Bewied Bewied

Fixed a few typos.

English configuration files (config_*.xml and JavaDoc):
- NoCloneCheck

German Translation:
- Bad parenthesis in maxLen.anonInner
- is/ist in parameter.assignment and illegal.type

2013-04-09 22:37:42 Tree
[2e8bee] by Bewied Bewied

Fix a few typos.

Affected modules: coding/JUnitTestCaseCheck and design/DesignForExtensionCheck.
Corrected the javadoc in the .java files and the user-visible strings in the
config_*.xml files. These strings are visible to the user using the Eclipse
plugin, so should be easily readable without typos in the way.

2013-03-31 19:07:23 Tree
[0d0076] by Oliver Burn

Black magic to get rid of Maven errors in Eclipse.

Solution found at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6352208/how-to-solve-plugin-execution-not-covered-by-lifecycle-configuration-for-sprin

2013-06-12 10:45:56 Tree
[628a13] by Oliver Burn

Upgrading the Guava version

2013-06-12 10:12:03 Tree
[ac1a97] by Oliver Burn

upgrade dependencies

2012-12-02 05:52:56 Tree
[a48536] by Oliver Burn

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

2012-09-18 11:06:24 Tree
[5b169a] by Oliver Burn

[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag release5_6

2012-09-18 11:06:10 Tree
[560f66] (release5_6) by Oliver Burn

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release release5_6

2012-09-18 11:05:44 Tree
[09d154] by Oliver Burn

Bump up the copyright notice

2012-09-18 10:57:25 Tree
[dd8c35] by Oliver Burn

moved the location of the header check - bug# 3556874

2012-09-06 13:13:07 Tree
[c4e9e1] by Oliver Burn

Fixed bug in the grammer when builtin types are used in a generic declaration
(bug #3553541).

2012-09-06 12:57:24 Tree
[e67b3c] by Oliver Burn

Fixed bug in the grammer for an edge case (bug #1667137).
Thanks to Lukas Platinsky for patch #3393810.

2012-09-06 11:32:18 Tree
[5b720d] by Oliver Burn

add test for javadoc for a package that has an annotation

2012-04-22 09:01:16 Tree
[f4cff8] by Oliver Burn

added Turkish translations

2012-04-22 03:55:04 Tree
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