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[94e960] (release4_0_beta_5) by oburn

Suppression compilation error in Unit Tests.

2005-08-09 11:37:40 Tree
[acd7a8] by mstudman

Fix for 1230751

2005-08-09 01:04:13 Tree
[73ae5a] by mstudman

Fix for 1220036

2005-08-09 00:18:56 Tree
[31650e] by o_sukhodolsky

Fixed 1249707: AbstractTypeAwareCheck doesn't work with types from typeparm

Some pretty big refactoring for typeaware checks performed.
Also added handling for type params. Current handling algorithm
has some preconditions and restriction, but it works for most cases
(not sure I've covered all situation when type param will have name
of real exception, but I do not think it is critical for now :)

Also, I've added column number for JavadocTag (mainly to be able use
ClassInfo for it). So, JavadocTypeCheck also affected.

And I've added new logger for TreeWalker (if we have loggers we should
use them :)

2005-08-05 13:33:31 Tree
[51e50c] by oburn

Final updates for a beta release

2005-08-04 12:05:26 Tree
[5ecf39] by oburn

Handle when getting a new file to process.

2005-08-03 22:05:19 Tree
[d96ad5] by oburn

Remove documentation for implemented ideas.

2005-08-03 13:37:07 Tree
[e0c0d6] by oburn

Finished unit testing - now need to do documentation.

2005-08-03 13:34:48 Tree
[e1e63d] by oburn

Added unit tests for ImportControlCheck.

2005-08-03 12:35:04 Tree
[efee9c] by oburn

another import check

2005-08-03 11:44:32 Tree
[b2405c] by oburn

fix imports

2005-08-03 11:37:54 Tree
[75f5eb] by oburn

Added unit tests.

2005-08-03 11:32:47 Tree
[c64a41] by oburn

Added a lot more configuration options for the ImportControlCheck that
came out of using at work. I still need to improve the unit tests and
properly document the support options. Wanted to check in now for

2005-07-31 12:27:44 Tree
[732da5] by oburn

Updated documentation.

2005-07-27 20:44:30 Tree
[c36951] by oburn

Added the ImportControl check. This is a check that can be used to
enforce which packages can import which packages. I was required to
develop this for a large project to enforce application layering rules.

The check is fairly basic at the moment, but is still sufficiently
powerful to be useful. I am sure there will be feature requests in the

2005-07-27 20:29:28 Tree
[d5ab84] by o_sukhodolsky

Fixed implementation of DetailAST so getPreviousSibling() works for
all nodes in AST tree (bug 1244994)
Now we set next sibling during tree creation, instead of calculating
it (the calculation doesn't work if parent is null as for toplevel
nodes such as package, import and class definition).
Added test which verify correct tree structure for all testinputs.

2005-07-26 22:56:20 Tree
[f48be0] by o_sukhodolsky

I tired from these horrable long stack traces, so I've added iterative
implementation of tree processing, now we can activate it by setting
checkstyle.use.recursive.algorithm to false (by default checkstyle
still uses recursive algorithm).

Also I've chenged build.xml so it will be possible to use it from any
location and user will be able to specify filter for tests.

2005-07-23 21:18:27 Tree
[2b3531] by o_sukhodolsky

some additional refactoring (to remove code duplication)

2005-07-23 09:18:36 Tree
[27571a] by o_sukhodolsky

fix for 1232822 and some refactoring in indentation check

2005-07-23 08:44:00 Tree
[c82cbc] by o_sukhodolsky

FinalLocalVariable should check if variable is used in left side of assignment (bug 1241722)

2005-07-21 13:25:13 Tree
[2ece92] by o_sukhodolsky

fixed example for FinalLocalVariable

2005-07-20 17:47:49 Tree
[c72fcb] by oburn

Make the documentation match the code. :-)

2005-07-20 11:08:10 Tree
[d00643] by oburn

Introduce a new check called IllegalThrowsCheck which checks for illegal
throws declarations. I have added as I really need it for my work at the

2005-07-19 12:45:52 Tree
[ce5486] by oburn

Fix Javadoc errors

2005-07-19 12:43:44 Tree
[1ec92c] by o_sukhodolsky

Applied fix for cache file from patch 1012389

2005-07-18 16:35:45 Tree
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