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Code Log

Commit Date  
[034140] (release3_0) by oburn

Added reference to the old documentation.

2003-02-17 10:32:10 Tree
[5e656f] by oburn

going through the motions to silence Lars' computer at night. :-)

2003-02-17 10:17:03 Tree
[1a0a0e] by lkuehne

fixed header style so h4 headers are consistent

2003-02-17 05:27:23 Tree
[5599e5] by lkuehne

added example for SimplifyBooleanReturn

2003-02-17 05:21:31 Tree
[8d2775] by lkuehne

fixed javadoc

2003-02-17 05:10:48 Tree
[02c3a1] by oburn

Last API change before release (I hope:-). Now when notifying of the start and
finish of tree, based the root node. Maybe useful to some checks.

2003-02-16 02:50:24 Tree
[17ef87] by lkuehne

use new helper method to avoid duplicate code

2003-02-15 16:11:28 Tree
[6582b5] by lkuehne

removed duplicate code in PackageHtml and Translation
by introducing a protected helper method in AbstractFileSetCheck

2003-02-15 16:07:29 Tree
[c33ecf] by lkuehne

javadoc improvements

2003-02-15 15:54:47 Tree
[0fbe27] by lkuehne

docs for the new fileExtensions property

2003-02-15 12:54:27 Tree
[06b7e9] by lkuehne

small performance improvement,
avoid recalculation of fileName in File.getName()

2003-02-15 12:19:34 Tree
[64dd2f] by lkuehne

FileSetChecks are now responsible for filtering
out the files they are not interested in, as discussed
on the checkstyle-devel list

2003-02-15 12:13:32 Tree
[1c3c1f] by lkuehne

improved error message, thanks to Paul Roebuck for complaining about the old one

2003-02-11 06:20:50 Tree
[fff5a2] by lkuehne

fixed misspelled word, thanks to Paul Roebuck for finding this one

2003-02-11 05:20:58 Tree
[09ca83] by rickgiles

corrected default regexp (a Jakarta regexp error?)

2003-02-10 11:50:26 Tree
[daceb9] by lkuehne

added example for Translation module, as suggested by Paul Roebuck

2003-02-09 18:44:09 Tree
[cb1073] by lkuehne

added docs for configURL attribute

2003-02-08 18:02:17 Tree
[6cd86a] by lkuehne

added configuration loading from URLs, RFE #682140

2003-02-08 17:57:42 Tree
[e4d95a] by lkuehne

reuse checkstyle.checkstyle in to avoid duplicate code

2003-02-08 17:55:47 Tree
[717d44] by lkuehne

... and another stream that wasn't closed.

2003-02-08 10:04:36 Tree
[5927dd] by oburn

Compiles under JDK 1.3.1 and ANT 1.4.1

2003-02-06 12:29:46 Tree
[9b1b3b] by oburn

sorts the files by error not name

2003-02-06 11:52:56 Tree
[107e8c] by lkuehne

removed support for japanese (forgot to commit the removed file)

2003-02-06 05:30:34 Tree
[90d03a] by lkuehne

new stylesheet and removal of japanese localization

2003-02-04 20:34:11 Tree
[16bb0b] by lkuehne

removed support for japanese until we find a new maintainer

2003-02-04 20:27:14 Tree
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