#105 broken since today (fix attached)

Jan Jergus

Starting today, checkgmail stopped working and just repeatedly asks for login/password for both my regular gmail account and my apps account.

After some investigation, I found that during the login process, a page saying "please enable cookies" is returned instead of the expected page. I modified checkgmail to send the GALX value as a cookie (in addition to POST-data), which made it work (patch is attached). This is probably not a very clean solution, so any comments are welcome.


  • Jan Jergus
    Jan Jergus

    patch that fixes this (for now?)

  • Colin Keenan
    Colin Keenan

    I have the same problem. Can you give step-by-step on how to use the patch?

  • Jan Jergus
    Jan Jergus

    There's just one step -- run this as root, from the directory where you've downloaded the patch file:
    patch `which checkgmail` checkgmail.patch

  • Colin Keenan
    Colin Keenan

    Thanks! Worked (Of course, I had to add "sudo" at the beginning of your one step because I didn't have permission to rename something otherwise.)

  • mvario

    Thank you very much! The patch is much appreciated.

  • $ checkgmail -update

    $ patch < ~/tmp/checkgmail.patch
    patching file checkgmail

    # cp checkgmail /usr/bin

  • Paolo Conti
    Paolo Conti

    Thank you, the patch works like a charm! :)

  • Brilliant, thanks a lot! I had another patch applied to my local checkgmail version that collided with this one, so I had to manually add the patch, but that's all up to me.

  • Peter Carter
    Peter Carter

    Thank you. This works very well.

  • Brad Greco
    Brad Greco

    Patch works great, thanks!


  • Anonymous

    When is this patch going to be merged into the source tree so that the fixed package can be used by distros?

  • Jan Jergus
    Jan Jergus

    I don't think this package is maintained anymore... maybe we can fork (or take over)?

  • One could easily fork it, but the reason it is not maintained is probably that the author himself believes it is not really maintaineable. It relies heavy on specific quirks and returns from Gmail, which is shown time after time to break the application after a while. No one is happier than I that they continue getting fixes from the community at this forum, but it's not really a solution to continue to build on.

    A more maintaineable project imho would be to use Python and imaplib to communicate with Gmail and some graphical widget kit to draw it. Libraries to do more or less all the heavy lifting are already in place. The work would be to design a presentation layer specific to Gmail, but the design already exists (i.e. checkgmail's interface).

    I think it would be surprising to see how few lines of code would actually go into this.
    -On 5 lines of code, I can fetch all unread messages from Gmail in Python. On a couple more it is made presentable.
    -"Mark as read": just set an IMAP flag.
    -"Move to spam folder": just move to IMAP folder [Gmail]/Spam.
    -Using GTK2 as in checkgmail, the presentation is down to interfacing with its Python API.
    etc. One could also use any available biff programs with IMAP support, but the checkgmail interface is really beautifully done, I think, so I'd rather emulate that.

    Let the login mechanism be browser centric. Open/compose/etc. are just regular HTTP links to the message ID:s, handled by the browser.

    If a functioning copy, that the community deems is worth building on, is hacked up, it can most certainly become big. I'm a bit amazed that the space isn't already filled, but maybe it will take until checkgmail goes beyond repair before its replacement emerges.

  • Colin Keenan
    Colin Keenan

    The problem started up again a couple of days ago. I'm guessing that's because of google trying to get everyone to read their new privacy policy when you log in to email.

    Is there another patch available? Or, am I the only one having trouble?

  • Colin Keenan
    Colin Keenan

    OK, finally clicked the "Got It" button on logging into gmail so it doesn't keep trying to make me read the new policy. Now CheckGmail is working again.