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Version 1.0 released

This version fixes some minor bugs from RC2 and I've added a small help file for people who are having connection issues after installation. Please read "Connection Failures" in the project document management system.

Posted by Lars Rönnbäck 2002-02-23

New release of Chatlet

The RC2 release deals with a few security issues in RC1, and it includes fixes for the known bugs in RC1. If you'd like to try it out, head over to, but remember that the demo is also my development and test site, so you might get thrown out be a service restart at any time.

Posted by Lars Rönnbäck 2001-03-29

Chatlet with Identd

In the new release of Chatlet (RC1) support has been added for identd. Users will now get different usernames when connecting to the IRC server, depending on the host they are connecting from. Lots of other improvements and more commands, in other words, upgrade to RC1 now.

Posted by Lars Rönnbäck 2001-03-28

Chatlet IRC Gateway

Are you having trouble reaching IRC because of firewalls and proxies or installation restrictions on your machine? Don't sit chatless any longer. Use one of the relay servers in the Chatlet Network to get connected. If you'd like to participate, please download and install Chatlet on your server, help me develop the software, or go to if you'd just like to try it out.

Posted by Lars Rönnbäck 2001-03-25