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Triage update for this week.

REGRESSIONS - resolved:

[Error matching .bad file for users/ferguson/recordassignstring]
[Error matching compiler output for compflags/bradc/minimalModules/minModDeclPrint]
[Error matching compiler output for compflags/bradc/minimalModules/minModFnRefArg]
[Error matching .bad file for users/vass/crash1callDestructorsMain]
[Error matching program output for functions/iterators/sungeun/forwarding/forwardDefaultArr (compopts: 1)]
[Error matching program output for functions/iterators/sungeun/forwarding/forwardDefaultDom (compopts: 1)]
[Error matching .bad file for users/ferguson/extern_string_test (compopts: 1)]


* another PrgEnv-gnu compilation timeout

* another studies/jacobi/waynew/example2 numeric discrepancy

* started seeing an intermittent "barrier for 'stop polling'"
test_private_broadcast_small - linux64.gnu.gasnet.qthreads.numa
I penciled in Greg and Sung for this one

* added extern_string_test .bad mismatch
- I added a prediff to reduce the frequency of that happening;
let's see if it occurs again

* did not add crash1callDestructorsMain .bad mismatch
- I extended the prediff to handle the two outputs we observe in nightly
testing. Given that there may be memory corruption, other outputs
may well be possible. We can come back to it when that happens.
- I turned off testing for numa - given the new prediff we can turn it
back on, but I don't think it's interesting.

vasslitvinov 2014-05-03

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