Songsheet Generator

  • Could be add this programs functionality to Opensong?

    Would it be possible to combine the two programs into one? They both are great programs and have different strengths. Songsheet has the ability to control placement of Chords over words better and the addition of tabs to the printouts which is very helpful for the worship teams. Opensong is excellent for projecting the songs along with the bible's that are available which allow you to select verses that are being discussed makes this a very powerful and useful tool. But, if they were combined nothing could really compete with it!

    One other less pressing request is to add the ability to handle movie clips.

    This is a great program!

    Thanks for all your hard work...

    • SvA

      In what way Songsheet Generator offers better control over placement of chords over words? I can't make out any difference concerning this.

    • Farmer_Boy

      I use Songsheet generator and Opensong.  What I really like about Songsheet Generator (and the only reason I still use it) is the ablility to click on a chord and have it play through the speakers.  This allowes me to play along with an MP3 and test my chord placement and progressions etc.

      Ronnie Hayes