Hi Raoul,

I am pretty sure this hangs together with the newer protocols used on newer module and our conversion to using these newer, so called DynamicMessages. We are slowly implementing these to make use of their extended functionality. I guess there is a error somewhere which overwrites this message. The phones implementing the SCCP Protocol can be very picky about the order in which messages are send to them, most of the time this results in a hanging phone, and we know what to fix. Sometimes there is no obvious reaction from the phone, when messages are out of order, but you get funny results later on.

We will look into this issue, but i'm not giving it any priority at this moment.

Marcello has been implementing most DynamicMessages, hopefully he knows, where this little bug might be.



On Wed, 2010-10-20 at 13:43 +0200, Raoul Schroeder wrote:

Quick question. On all RC3 candidates that I have tested so far, the 
status message "your current options" (or German equivalent) seems to 
disappear from at least some of the phones after a while. Oddly enough, 
we have one very old 7960 (the non-international version, with lettering 
on the 4 buttons) that seems to hold on the message much longer.
I never noticed that with earlier versions of chan_sccp, only RC3 (maybe 
RC2, not sure).

It is not a problem, not even really annoying, but I was just wondering 
what the cause may be.

Best regards,


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