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  • inma


         I have been testing both the control point and the clock examples running each one on different computers within the same ipv6 subnetwork. When the control point subscribes to a service, it sometimes indicates a link-local ipv6 address as the callback one. In this case, when the clock tries to send a notify event message to the control point, the connection is refused. I have found that when a Socket  tries to connect to a ServerSocket listening on a link-local address, the connection is refused. It does not happen when the clock tries to connect to a global (ipv4 or ipv6) address.

        Could anybody be so kind as to tell me if it is not possible to connect a socket to a ServerSocket listening on a link-local ipv6 address or  have I to do anything else, please? If it is not possible, this fact might be taken into consideration when subscribing events, using only global addresses.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Satoshi Konno
      Satoshi Konno

      I checked about your problem today.

      As your saying, the link locak interface is not accessed from other computers.

      Although I get the description over HTTP using Internet Explore on WindowsXP, the connection is

      I checked the access filter uisng ip6tables on Redhat9, but I seem that the filter is no problem.

      I don't know why the HTTP access is refused. There may be some limitations in J2SE or Linux.


    • Anonymous

      I have incountered the same problem. The only temperary solution I have found was to delete the link-local address. This is not advised at all because of the various uses the link-local address has in IPv6. I am presently developing UPnP services for a mobile IPv6 testbed. For this I need the devices to register with their global address to the control point. I am thinking maybe if the devices are not local the control point must reject the link local address and only accept the global IPv6 address.
      Let me know what ye think!!