HTTP without Content-Length Header

  • bebopfreak

    HTTP Messages without Content-Length header  that aren't chunked either are treated as if content length were 0. Result is an action error. (Roku Soundbridges create these HTTP messages, when the content is larger than around 1500 bytes.)

  • Stefano Lenzi
    Stefano Lenzi

    Thank you for the reply, I would look after it and I will try to apply or discuss it within next week, unless skonno does it in the mean while

    Stefano "Kismet" Lenzi

  • Satoshi Konno
    Satoshi Konno


    I don't check the patches and the problems yet until now X-<

    Basically, Content-Length header must be included in HTTP v1.1 specification,
    but I know some devices supports only HTTP v1.0 or the implementation is cheap ……

    I will try to merge the patches into the trunk repository from now.

    Please tell me if you have any suggestions ;-)

  • Hao Hu
    Hao Hu

    Hi, I have checked the WD TV Live, when I try to make requests with HTTP 1.0, the Content-Length is missing, and if switch to the HTTP 1.1, the WD will respond with chunked content. From the header it seems that WD uses the Intel Micro SDK. (Server: POSIX, UPnP/1.0, Intel MicroStack/1.0.1497).