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  • Stefano Lenzi
    Stefano Lenzi

    Hi Sotoshi,
    I have some question related to the devolping:
    1 - I saw that CVS of this project is available. Will you use it always?
    2 - Would you add me as developer of this project so that we can work togher to fix the bug that we'll be reported by people and to improve feature? It'll work great with CVS use
    3 - If you want I can offer SubVersion hosting for this project

    Stefano "Kismet" Lenzi

    • Satoshi Konno
      Satoshi Konno

      Hi Stefano,

      I am very happy that you will join in the my projects
      because you have sent many useful patches to me :-)

      > I saw that CVS of this project is available. Will you use it always? 

      Yes. Currently, I am developing using the CVS servers.

      I have already added you to CyberLink for Java as the developer.
      Please tell me if you want to join in other projects.

      You are grate cotributer for me.
      I am sorry that I late for the announce to you.

      • Hi Satoshi,
        I'm very happy to know you have accepted Stefano in your team. I would like to propose you another move. We (Domoware team) are moving in the Apache project Felix, as you know our software depends on your library and Stefano is doing a great job in mantaining aligned our code with your.
        I could propose to accept you as committer in UPnP subproject in Felix. Your code license is compatible with apache licence, so I think it should be feasible. From our point of view this would be less time-consuming (rather than to commit on two different repositories) but may be the Goal of Felix project (OSGi related) is out of your interest. Neverthless I think that is good launch window for any OS software. 
        What do you think about? let me know

        • Satoshi Konno
          Satoshi Konno

          Hi Francesco,

          What is Felix ? Is the project page bellow ?


          If the Apache project has the source management such as CVS including my project,
          I will might close the my CVS sever in SourceForge.

          I would like to know about Felix in more detai :-)

    • Yes Felix at the moment is at incubation stage. It is based on the donation of OSCAR project (, one of the firts open source project implementing OSGi specification ( Our code is registered in the Oscar Bundle Repository and when Richard Hall proposed to move in Apache with the goal of implemeting the OSGi R4 we decided to give support to that. The incubator project in Apache has the objective to create a consolided team of developer before to publish the project ( Other people from Eclipse project (OSGi is also the runtime core of Eclipse) and other communities and individuals are contributing to Felix. We donated our code to Apache and the PMC has voted for the accepting of us ( a similar procedure eventually for your code). The Felix repository is based on SubVersion (not CVS). The main problem however is if we can share the same goals (even in the future time), I mean in our activity there is of course overlapping, for instance we have receveid a contribution from a developer regarding a backported version of our code that involve also your (next we will give you) but you have also many other developers that are using your code. Now the dinamics of the code development are very strange to predict expecially when the community is large, so I wonder if it is really convenient for you to move the repository, it is just a thought of this night.
      So I was thinking also another solution, as you accepted Stefano in CyberLink to support you , we could propose you as committer to support us in mantain updated the cyberlibrary. In this way when we discover a bug on our side, Stefano will help you and viceversa you help us in maintain our code updated. Anyway, we need further investigation on what can be the best solution to cooperate, but I'm sure that it would be a great opportunity to  share the design and improvment of our software and related stuff.