thanks for looking into it!

simpleMA causes an error here but i didn't fully update from svn. i only used the web svn service to download the two files you told me.

yes, i used modo to write the second file.

On 5/15/07, Matthias Baas <matthias.baas@gmail.com> wrote:
horace wrote:
> i attached two files which don't work for me... two different errors...

Thanks! The file simpleMA.ma loads without errors over here, it just
shows an empty scene. Have you verified that you run the latest version
from svn? Or did you consider it an error that the scene was empty? This
is because there's still history on the model which is not supported by
cgkit as this would require reimplementing more or less the entire
functionality of Maya. So you should delete all history on your models
so that you just end up with the raw mesh.

The other file, test1.ma, does actually produce an exception over here:
ValueError: Attribute of type double3 expected, got double

The offending line in the .ma file is this:

        setAttr ".s" -type "double" 1 1 1 ;

This line sets the "scale" attribute of a transform node. The odd thing
is that the type is declared as "double" even though the value is
actually a vector (1,1,1). I've checked with Maya 8 and it outputs the
above with a type of "double3" which is what I was expecting.
What software were you using to produce this file? It seems as if it was
Maya 5.0 but then there's that line "Last Modified by Modo" (where Maya
8.0 just outputs the modification date)...?
Anyway, when I read your file with Maya it doesn't produce an error or
warning, so I guess I should be able to accept the file as well. I will
have a look at how I can handle this case...

- Matthias -

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