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Install: py "import maya.initmaya"; issues

  • asj

    Hi, I've installed both the maya pugin and the python libs. The "py" command seems to be working. When I run py "import maya.initmaya"; within maya , I get the following error message from maya:

    // Error: A Python exception was raised (see console output) //.

    My first question is where would I find this "console output", nothing seems to be dumping to the script editor screen. Also, I am using a copy of python that's installed within Panda3d. They change the name of the exe that runs python to "ppython", could this cause an issue?


    • Matthias Baas
      Matthias Baas

      What operating system are you on? On Windows the console output is the separate Output window that appears in the task bar. On Linux, it's just the shell window where you started Maya (if you didn't start it via a shell window...then I'm not sure. Maybe you can open the output by other means, otherwise just try to start it from the shell). On OSX you can use the console application to see the console output of any application.

      As to what caused the error I cannot say without additional information. The plugin doesn't invoke the Python interactive interpreter, so having named that ppython doesn't matter. It rather has to find the Python DLL...

      - Matthias -