what PATH do the function loadRI() search for


  • Anonymous

    I am interested in the loadRI() search PATH for its libs when i just input the name of the lib(which is "The name can either be an absolute file name or just the name of the library (without suffix or “lib” prefix) in which case the function tries to find the library file itself" in cgkit DOC2.0,can anyone tell me?
    grateful for any help.

  • Matthias Baas
    Matthias Baas

    First, it lets ctypes search for the libraries in its standard locations depending on the operating system. If ctypes couldn't find the library, the loadRI() function tries to find out what renderer is being used (based on the lib name) and then looks for renderer-specific environment variables like AQSISHOME, PIXIEHOME, DELIGHT and RMANTREE to locate the renderer's installation directory. On Linux, it also checks the paths set via LD_LIBRARY_PATH.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your help, mbaas.
    BTW,cgkit is really really wonderful !