Cewolf 1.1 released

After more than 4 years, there's finally a new cewolf release! It's based on the various "cewolf-1.1-ulf" releases that have been available from my web site at www.ulfdittmer.com, and incorporates lots of bug fixes and enhancements over 1.0, both from myself and numerous other contributors. The release notes has all the details, but the big issues are:

- All Cewolf objects are Serializable - there'll be no more exceptions when they're put into sessions.
- A lot of new postprocessors have been added, so if certain charts don't quite look the way you'd like them, check out the de.laures.cewolf.cpp package - it contains numerous classes that tinker with charts. There's even one that puts annotations (labels and arrows pointing to specific data points) on the chart.
- Several new chart types are available: spline, spiderweb, dial, compass, thermometer, stackedhorizontalbar3d
- The JSP expression language (EL) can now be used for parameter values - scriptlets are no longer necessary.
- Lots of bug fixes, performance and HTML improvements, and additional attributes for setting chart options.

Be sure to download the example web app as well - it shows all chart types as well as many of the
options and postprocessors in action. It includes everything you need to get started with using cewolf
in your web app.

Posted by Ulf Dittmer 2010-07-15