On 03/28/2012 10:16 PM, Pat Suwalski wrote:
That is a valid observation.

Nonetheless, with including the source inside of celestia, one must then 
maintain the build infrastructure. I notice Debian has a patch to make 
it work with their libtool, for example. This patch may break it on 
other distributions, and so on.

In general, if it can be done externally, it is preferable. Perhaps my 
like pkgconfig suggestion is enough. I suspect it is, since that is what 
we have been doing in for quite a while.
I would like to remind you that the Celestia's 'thirdparty' library sources meanwhile comprise

1) the Eigen lib
2) the glew lib
3) Chris' curveplot

so far we made no negative experiences...


On 28/03/12 03:48 PM, Fridger Schrempp wrote:

On 03/28/2012 09:28 PM, Pat Suwalski wrote:
This is exactly why we should be using pkgconfig. Including lua source
is a very bad idea.

Including the source to any scripting library is generally considered
bad, as these things get security updates far more often than
static-code libraries.

To have a somewhat more quantitative idea about what you say about the
number of updates in case of lua, I went to the original download page
and had a look:

Look at the years! 10 updates ONLY between 2003 and 2012...Or about 1
update per year. That's not all that much, is it?


lua-5.2.0.tar.gz <>
2011-12-12 	246377 	
	md5: f1ea831f397214bae8a265995ab1a93e
sha1: 08f84c355cdd646f617f09cebea48bd832415829
lua-5.1.5.tar.gz <>
2012-02-13 	221213 	
	md5: 2e115fe26e435e33b0d5c022e4490567
sha1: b3882111ad02ecc6b972f8c1241647905cb2e3fc
lua-5.1.4.tar.gz <>
2008-08-18 	216679 	
	md5: d0870f2de55d59c1c8419f36e8fac150
sha1: 2b11c8e60306efb7f0734b747588f57995493db7
lua-5.1.3.tar.gz <>
2008-01-21 	215817 	
	md5: a70a8dfaa150e047866dc01a46272599
sha1: 89bc9f5a351402565b8077e8123327e7cd15f004
lua-5.1.2.tar.gz <>
2007-03-29 	214134 	
	md5: 687ce4c2a1ddff18f1008490fdc4e5e0
sha1: 8a460d2d7e70e93cb72bf3d584405464763cb5f0
lua-5.1.1.tar.gz <>
2006-06-07 	207810 	
	md5: 22f4f912f20802c11006fe9b84d5c461
sha1: be13878ceef8e1ee7a4201261f0adf09f89f1005
lua-5.1.tar.gz <> 	2006-02-20
	md5: 3e8dfe8be00a744cec2f9e766b2f2aee
sha1: 1ae9ec317511d525c7999c842ca0b1ddde84e374
lua-5.0.3.tar.gz <>
2006-06-19 	191384 	
	md5: feee27132056de2949ce499b0ef4c480
sha1: e7e91f78b8a8deb09b13436829bed557a46af8ae
lua-5.0.2.tar.gz <>
2004-03-17 	190442 	
	md5: dea74646b7e5c621fef7174df83c34b1
sha1: a200cfd20a9a4c7da1206ae45dddf26186a9e0e7
lua-5.0.1.tar.gz <>
2003-11-25 	193978 	
	md5: e0a450d84971a3f4563b98172d1e382c
sha1: 03b47b4785178aca583333f01d8726a8ab9f7ae7


On 28/03/12 02:18 PM, Fridger Schrempp wrote:

On 03/28/2012 07:46 PM, Pat Suwalski wrote:
I know that in the Debian world, the link target is quite clearly:
The problem is that there are more ambiguities as soon as library
version numbers are included at the level of compiling

Ubuntu, Debian:

CentOS 6, Fedora 16:


while Fedora 6 uses instead ;-)
Besides openSuSE also RedHat uses no version numbers.

This is a mess.

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