On 03/28/2012 08:22 AM, Andrew Tribick wrote:

Attached diff fixes the lua references in the celestia.pro file in
Ubuntu. I make no guarantees that it does not cause breaks on other
Linux distributions.



your new notation breaks e.g. my Linux system, openSuse. In general, it is considered suboptimal if version numbers are attached to popular shared libraries at compile level! That's why openSuSE sticks to liblua.so also for version 5.1. There should certainly be a symbolic link like

ln -s liblua.so.5.1 liblua.so

This is good style and I support it strongly.

We need a general policy anyway, how to proceed with the large number of distro-dependent name and directory variations among the  various LINUX flavours. That's another possible start into endless discussions ;-) 

I seem to remember that it was me who longtime ago committed the lua implementation in celestia.pro.


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