On 03/22/2012 11:52 PM, Selden E Ball Jr wrote:

As I mentioned, I'm using Qt-Creator (it's v2.2.0).
As best I can tell, the Web page
provides a download of a Qt development environment, not just the
necessary VS libraries. My jnderstanding is that QtCreator already
includes that development environment. I'm hesitant to install
the Qt environment in case it would trash the QtCreator environment.

I can assure you that you will trash nothing, if you do a complete installation of the VS 2010 Express compiler (that will also provide the required tool chain for Qt creator), the matching /binary/ lib download (see link in previous mail) and the separate /binary/ Qt-creator 2.4.1 from

That's all you need and the total installation takes less than 15 min. During installation un-tick the MinGW option.   Installing the Qt SDK takes much longer and redoubles part of the installation if you got a complete resident VS 2010 Express. I am doing this procedure now since several years both on my Windows and my Linux machines,  and it has always worked for me.

As to a deinstallation of VS 2008 Express, there is ample info on the net. There are rare cases where some parts don't deinstall straightforwardly. Then the proper procedure is given at MS.

The errors I get when using QtCreator to build Celestia do seem to be related to missing (or unsearched) libraries:

unresolved external symbol _libintl_sprintf (in many routines)
unresolved external symbol _png_set_longmp_fn
unresolved external symbol _libintl_setlocale

I suppose you did not forget to copy the respective .dll's from windows/dll/x86 into celestia's root dir?

Those are the only unresolved symbols that it complains about, though.



On 03/22/2012 07:38 PM, Selden E Ball Jr wrote:
> In contrast, I have never been able to get Celestia to build using
> Nokia's Qt Creator on that same Win7 x64 system using the SVN's .pro
> file. Both VS C++ and mingw options fail.
This is really hard for me to understand. I also have a Win 7 64bit OS
as well as a XP SP3 one. On the 32bit Win XP,  I build with VS 2008
Express,  and --since 1 year already -- I build Celestia.SVN with VS
2010 Express under Win 7 most regularly. For Win 7, I use as Tool Chain:
"MS Windows SDK for Windows 7 (7.1.7600.0.30514)(x86)".

MinGW is definitely "off limits" in all my installations for a number of
On both systems I currently use Qt creator = 2.4.1 and Qt 4.8.0. Same on
Linux, by the way.

You did not describe what precisely your persistent Qt creator problems
are. I am sure it must be a configuration issue,  since I don't
encounter any problems ( apart from obvious transient issues
occasionally) . Of course, I also build Cosmographia almost daily with
Qt creator, since Chris is working so hard there. Same setting,  NO MinGW.

According to my experience, most often, people fiddling with MinGW vs VS
20xx, forget adjusting the statement

LIBS += /nodefaultlib:libcmt.lib

and the service libs.

Here is e.g. a respective summary.

In contrast, if you use a standard VS2010 Express and a current Qt,
Qt-creator installation, Celestia should build out of the box (i.e. with
the default I suppose ChrisL works with the same tools,
also without problems.

For using VS 2008 you merely need to download binary Qt lib built with
VS 2008
For using VS2010 you need to download the binary Qt lib built with VS 2010

It just takes a few minutes.

Moreover you have to make sure of course that all the service libs were
built within the proper system. It is best and straightforward to
re-compile them for your system...

> FWIW, Cosmographia builds fine (albeit with warnings) on that same system
> using Qt Creator with mingw but fails with VSE.
> Selden
>> In the early days of Celestia, 3ds was the only supported model format.
>> When cmod was added, I converted all the meshes to the new format because
>> it loads faster (very little preprocessing required at load time for
>> cmods.) I left the 3ds versions around because 1) they're closer to the
>> original models, and 2) they can be easily viewed and edited in modeling
>> software, whereas cmod files cannot. It shouldn't be necessary to keep the
>> 3ds files around any more. It'd be better to just have a README file giving
>> the original sources of the shape models. Ideally, we'd also commit the
>> scripts required to convert models from their original formats to cmods.
>> --Chris
>> On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 12:28 PM, Andrew Tribick
>> <>wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I've noticed that the src tree has several Visual C++ 6
>>> projects/makefiles floating around, would anyone object if we got rid
>>> of these?
>>> There are also several duplicate models:
>>> amalthea.3ds/*amalthea.cmod
>>> bacchus.3ds/*bacchus.cmod
>>> castalia.3ds/*castalia.cmod
>>> deimos.3ds/*deimos.cmod
>>> epimetheus.3ds/*epimetheus.cmod
>>> eros.3ds/*eros.cmod/eros.cms
>>> gaspra.3ds/*gaspra.cmod
>>> geographos.3ds/*geographos.cmod
>>> golevka.3ds/*golevka.cmod
>>> halley.3ds/*halley.cmod
>>> hyperion.3ds/*hyperion.cmod/hyperion.cms
>>> ida.3ds/*ida.cmod
>>> janus.3ds/*janus.cmod
>>> kleopatra.3ds/*kleopatra.cmod
>>> ky26.3ds/*ky26.cmod
>>> larissa.3ds/*larissa.cmod
>>> pandora.3ds/*pandora.cmod
>>> phobos.3ds/*phobos.cmod
>>> phoebe.3ds/*phoebe.cmod
>>> prometheus.3ds/*prometheus.cmod
>>> proteus.3ds/*proteus.cmod/proteus.cms
>>> toutatis.3ds/*toutatis.cmod
>>> vesta.3ds/*vesta.cmod
>>> * indicates use in the files of the data directory
>>> Do we actually need to keep all these unused meshes around?
>>> Regards,
>>> Andrew
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