#236 Animated cursor always on in cel-scripts

Ulrich Dickmann

Let's say I want to mark Mare Crisium on the Moon with a circle in a cel-script.
To display markers at all one have to set renderflag "Markers" first.
In order to not mark the Moon itself, one have to unmark the Moon.
When this is done, one have to mark the Mare.
So the script goes like this:

unmark {object "Sol/Earth/Moon"}
renderflags {set "markers"}
mark {object "Sol/Earth/Moon/MARE CRISIUM" size 150 color [0 1 0] symbol "circle"}

This works fine with Celestia 1.5.1

In Celestia 1.6.0 the new animated cursor is displayed though!
This is annoying and is surely not intended in a script.
So we need a switch to prevent displaying the animated cursor while running a script.

-- Ulrich


  • Animated cursor in a cel-script

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  • Chris Laurel
    Chris Laurel

    Actually, it *is* intended. In Celestia 1.5.1, the selection indicator and scripted markers used the same mechanism. This made it possible to unmark an object and get rid of the selection indicator. In Celestia 1.6.0, the selection indicator is handled differently and will never interfere with a marker. While this changes the behavior of some scripts, I think that the new approach is more sensible and gives less 'surprising' results.

    There's a workaround... In order to disable the selection indicator on the Moon, the script can just set the selection to null (with the line "select {}").

    Since the selection indicator and markers are two different things now, it's probably a good idea to have some way for a script to disable the selection indicator without disabling markers, i.e. selection indicator visibility should be a separate render flag.

  • vincent

    If we make the selection cursor visibility a separate render flag, it won't be possible anymore to switch it using Ctrl + K. This will have to be done through the UI (new keyboard shortcut and/or new GUI entry). Would this be OK ?

  • Vince, are you asking me?
    I think this would be appropriate.

  • vincent

    OK Ulrich.
    Chris, what do you reckon ?